"Dear parishioners, it appears that I am a shepherd without a flock. The feeling comes from the absence of people and the lack of warmth we give to each other. However, appearances and feelings can be deceiving. The reality is that I have a flock who is present providing company and warmth. This reality is felt stronger when I make you present in the celebration of the Eucharist. I feel you when I am with Jesus in prayer. We are not alone. Let us continue to bring warmth to each other and be united when we pray." -Fr. Santiago

"Since the scourge of the coronavirus descended upon us like a wolf on a flock of sheep, we have experienced much fear and loneliness. We are now in the garden of Gethsemane with our Blessed Lord. Good Friday still for us to endure. Our real Easter Sunday will be celebrated when we get back to our little Church. Keep smiling and praying. I love you dearly." -Fr. Dan 


On March 17 Bishop Jaime Soto issued a decree suspending the public celebration of Sunday and weekday Masses in the Diocese of Sacramento until further notice. All Faith Formation/Religious Education Classes, parish events, parish charities and group gatherings are cancelled until further notice. See bishop’s update here

Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi Blessing

Novena to End The Coronavirus Pandemic

To be prayed for nine consecutive days

O Mary, full of grace, patroness of this nation and Mother of the Church, in this time of worldwide illness we ask your intercession for the human family before your Son’s throne of grace and mercy. We ask for strength in adversity, health in weakness, and comfort in sorrow. We pray for all who have lost jobs or security in this time. May your Son watch over all who are sick and their caretakers, bring heaven all who have died, and give wisdom to all who are seeking a cure to the Coronavirus.

[Mention your own intentions.]

Saint Damien of Molokai, minister to lepers, pray for us.

Saint Anthony the Great, who healed infectious diseases,
pray for us.

Saint Edmund, patron of victims of pandemics, pray for us.

Saint Frances Cabrini, foundress of hospitals, pray for us.

Saint Agatha, patron of nurses, pray for us.

Saint Luke, patron of doctors, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, patron of the dying, pray for us.

All you holy angels and saints, pray for us.

Help us, O Blessed Mother, to be filled with confidence in the tender compassion of our God. Calm our fears and help us to trust in the Divine Physician. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.